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Service Quality


Over the next 18 months, a quality system will be implemented across the organization called the Shared Values and Basic Assurances. This is quality system that puts the person at the centre of what we do and it helps us to measure how well we do this.

The reason we are introducing this quality system is because people living in Cheshire services and staff have told us that there are many things we do well, but there are also many things that we need to do better.

This system will help us to recognize and acknowledge the many good things that we do in supporting people to live a life of their choosing and to understand why these things work so well so, we can share it with other services.

The Shared Values and Basic Assurances will also help us to identify, change and make improvements in areas that are important to people and staff in each service and Central Office in order to support people to live a life of their choosing.

Working to make services better involves the commitment of everyone across the organisation so we can work together to continually improve services.

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